Welcome to the Bra Making Academy.   Here you will be able to find the courses and workshops that are right for you.

Remember I will be adding courses to the catalogue on a regular basis. Be sure to come back and see what has been added. 

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Academy Course Categories

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No Matter Your Sewing Level, You Too Can Master Bra Making Skills

Courses found here are comprehensive     Bra Making Courses which will allow you to take your bra making skills to the next level including fitting and drafting for yourself and others. Whether you are a beginner or expert sewist, there's something here for everyone.

Bra Mastery Courses

Take your well-fitting bra pattern to a whole new level.

Now it's Time to Raise the BRA!

 Whether you would like to change the pattern up a bit or a lot.  This is where you will learn how to make modifications, style changes, and work with different fabrics that will give your bra the look and comfort you look for at top bra boutiques.  An added bonus is you already know that the pattern fits!

Courses Under Construction!

You've been wanting to test a Pin Up Girls Pattern you've had your eye on!

You've Come to the right place!

Pin-up Girl Pattern Workshops

If you would like to attend a workshop for your favorite Pin Up Girl Patterns, designed by Beverly Johnson,  look no further. 

Each workshop will include comprehensive instruction as well as information which  is not included in the pattern instructions.  In addition I will be addressing   common fitting issues and teach you how to adjust your pattern to perfect your fit and comfort .

Pin-up Girls Pattern Workshop