Jeanette Poisson

My Mission is To Share with You the Secrets to Constructing, Designing and Styling Well Fitting Bras for Yourself and Others.


I am a Certified Professional Custom Bra Maker and Instructor and have been for a number of years.   I expect you are going through the same issues I faced such as spending a lot of time, energy and money looking for a bra that fits only to find that there was really nothing in ready to wear that would fit me. 

During this time I was working out of my home as a tailor, sewing and altering garments for people and organizations in the town where I lived.  Now I was not the only tailor in town, BUT I was the only one that would take on formal wear, bridal wear, men's suits and pants etc..  I was the tailor for the fire department, the RCMP and the dance troupe.

One day while working in my shop in a  light bulb moment, I had the thought that "YES!  I COULD SEW MY OWN BRA!"  Once I realized I could sew my own bra, I searched high and low for information, patterns and  fabrics.  At that time there was really nothing available.  While on this path I learned to sew my own bras.  They did fit better than anything I could purchase,  BUT I knew I could there was room for improvement. 

That's when I found Bra Maker's Supply and the wonderful lady Beverly Johnson,  "The Fairy Bra Mother"  and the trailblazer in the home bra making industry.  Beverly inspired and enabled thousands of home sewists to learn to sew their own bras and intimate apparel.  In a very short time she became my mentor in all things bra related.

                                                                                                      Beverly and me at

                                                                                     the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference


I received my certification through the Professional Bra Making program at Bra Makers Supply International School and took  all of the other courses Beverly had to offer over the ensuing years.  I was also fortunate enough to assist her in teaching at conventions in Canada and Europe where we became good friends.  During this time I was also branching out with my own business, Sew Uplifting Custom Bras & Swimwear.  I constructed and designed bras for clients,  a specialty bra boutique,  developed prototypes and made bras for myself.  Over the years I have  hosted in person and online workshops where I have personally taught hundreds of women to sew their own well fitting bras and intimate apparel.

I love being able to teach someone how to sew their own bra. One of my greatest pleasures is watching their faces light up when they try on their  new bra! The love the fit and the comfort. Most students don't want to take their newly sewn bras off to finish the construction process.


I have been where you are now!  Let me show you how to make great fitting, comfortable and beautiful bras.

A Note from "The Fairy Bra Mother", Beverly Johnson

I met Jeanette in 2010 when she attended my Professional Program. This was held as a 440 hour, university level certificate program. This consisted of many weeks of bra-making (as well as other intimate apparel, swimwear and corsetry) in all aspects of design, construction and fit. To say that Jeanette excelled at this course would be an understatement. She still holds the record for the most garments completed by any student. In a relatively short time, she came to every class I taught, even though she had to travel a great distance to attend.

Jeanette acted as my assistant at the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference for many years, and without her involvement, we would not have been able to teach virtually thousands of women to sew their own bras and intimate apparel. This was also a great opportunity for me to watch Jeanette’s sewing methods and unique teaching style.

In short, Jeanette is one of the best teachers you will encounter in the sewing field, bar none. She is thorough with her instructions and patient beyond words. She has improved many techniques to make them more efficient, or less costly. Most impressively, she has embraced the new technologies that are now available to us, and uses those throughout her classes.

Whether you are fortunate enough to attend any class in person with Jeanette, or through the magic of online teaching, you will thoroughly enjoy your time with her. You will be inspired to achieve a higher standard in your sewing, while still loving the process to get there.

Beverly Johnson

The Fairy Bra Mother

Author of 8 Bra-making books and Designer of the Pin-up Girls Pattern line



 Michelle Noble from

Michelle's Creations

"I'm so, so, so happy with my new bra. I cannot believe I didn't take the class until now.  Better late than never!"

Yvonne, student Saskatchewan Stitches Conference 2023

"Subject: bra fits like a glove .

Just finished the bra that we resized  and it fits perfectly. ... I am so pleased how this bra turned out, no wrinkles or sagging. ...  Again thank you very much for your help and I really appreciate your guidance in resizing my bra." 

Valinda, excerpts from an e-mail received after her Private Personal One on One Online Consultation