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Ingrid-Pin-up Girl Workshop
Grab your Ingrid Pin-up Girl Pattern and lets start designing.  Ingrid is an amazingly versatile wireless bra with awesome support.  This bra is a great starting point for exercise bras, baby dolls pjs, swim tops, and yes even a bra!

Ingrid lends herself to color blocking and you will learn techniques to make sewing Ingrid a breeze.

I also share with you four of the most common alterations for the Ingrid to ensure a great fit.  Lets get started sewing Ingrid.

             Diamond Bustier                                                    Pin-up Girls Pattern Workshop

Have a special evening or event planned.  Got the dress now just need some support.  Look no further than the Pin-up Girls Diamond Bustier pattern for exactly what you need.  

The Diamond can be strapless or have straps.  The choice is yours.  

Let me show you why this pattern is the star of the Pin-up Girls Patterns Jewel Lineup. 

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