Making a Bra requires specialized Fabrics, Findings, Elastics, Underwires and of Course a Pattern!

Below are tools and information that I am sharing with you to help on your bra making journey.

  The resources list will help you locate the items you require to make many comfortable, well-fitting and long wearing bras. Remember that  using high quality materials provides a much greater satisfaction with the end product. 

Make sure you download the FREE RESOURCES listed below.  They are great time savers!

Things to Consider when  Taking Courses & Purchasing Supplies

    • Download the Stretch Factor Ruler, The Shopping List and check out the How to Measure Video in the resources before you Shop
    • Check out the supplies list  below for tools and equipment you require
    • Order more than you need for one bra,  You'll want to start another right away.
    • Purchase a bit of matching lace.  A little lace adds a lot to a bra!
    • Ensure you purchase the findings that will help your new bra support your breasts.  Small findings work great on smaller chested people.  Large findings are require for larger breasted people.
    • Purchase polyester thread only.  Polyester lingerie thread works too!

  • Purchase 3 Pairs of wires in different sizes for your first bra.  One as per the pattern's recommendation and one size up and once size down. Check with the company you're ordering from for this advice. Remember the correct wires make all the difference
  • Get the right needles.  I swear by the Schmetz 75/11 Stretch Needles.  Makes all the difference in the ease of sewing and great looking stitches.
  • Purchase a  non-stretch tricot such as Duoplex, 40 Diener, Sheer Cup Lining, etc.  This is used in the frame, cups and straps of the bra.
  • Purchase a good recovery Powernet for the back band.  This will ensure your Bra does its job all day long.


Use these tools to ensure you have the best sewing experience possible!



Factor Ruler

A convenient and useful tool for determining the percentage of stretch on all types of stretch fabrics.  

Great for the sewing room and your purse!


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Measuring for Bra Pattern

The above video provides useful tips  for you to measure for the Pin Up Girls Patterns.  It will also help in measuring for other patterns you may obtain.


Wire Arc Chart

Bra Making Shopping List

Calculate exactly the fabrics, findings and wires needed for your next bra.  A great way to keep track of previous purchases. Bra Making Shopping List

Here at Bra Making Academy, the courses are taught using the

Pin-up Girls Patterns. 

Any classic styled bra pattern  that is similar to the Pin-up Girls Classic Bra can be used for the

Bra Making Fundamentals Mastery Course

 Once you have achieved a well-fitting bra pattern through Bra Making Fundamentals, your pattern can be used for any of the  Academy's courses and workshops


for The Pin-up Girls Pattern workshops which exclusively require the Pin-up Girls Patterns.

If you  have any questions or concerns regarding pattern style and fit prior to the course, please contact me so I can better aide you in your bra making journey.

                          .Pattern Help or Questions

NOTE: I have placed an asterisk*beside the following companies that carry Pin Up Girl Line of patterns

fabric findings pattern wires

Shop at These On-line Retailers for your Bra Making Supplies, Patterns and Other Materials


My goal is to help you achieve a well fitting bra pattern in the style you prefer.  

This is where my exclusive private personalized on-line fitting consultation comes into play. 

You can spend hours sewing, money on fabrics and findings, but if your bra does not fit,  you will be frustrated and disappointed.  Let me help you put an end to this frustration.

Once you have achieved that goal I want to share with you the secret to modifying and designing bras from one or two well fitting patterns.

Together we can bring out the designer in you!

Join me here at Bra Making Academy where there will be new workshops and courses added, as well as live events and a forum for you to meet with other bra makers like yourself.