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All the following courses are taught under the assumption that you are confident in your bra making abilities and  that you have a well fitting bra pattern to work with.  If you require either the skills or the pattern then join me in the Bra Making Fundamentals Course in order to acquire both of these requirements

Cup Modification Workshops
Now is time to change up your new bra pattern with cups, styles and fabrics.  

This is when you become the designer and boutique styled bras are just a few hours away.
Under Construction 
Check Back Soon!
Band and Strap Modification Workshops

Gothic Arch, Racer Back, T-Back Bands Spaghetti, Padded, Strap Tab.  

All common terms  with bra bands and straps.    These workshops will  show you how to alter your well-fitting pattern to many different looks.  

Remember the Band plays an important role in the comfort of your bra. Its the Band and not the strap that should hold your bra up.

 Under construction, Check Back Soon!

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